Leg massages pump vs hand

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Leg massages pump vs hand

Postby queenphoton » Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:47 am

Okay, I trying to get my 85yr old dad started on either the pump or hand massages for his legs. His legs are very large, calf measures about 30" round.
Do you have any preference it what technique to use?
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Re: Leg massages pump vs hand

Postby patoco » Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:46 am

Hey Queen :)

In a situation like your dad's, in particular with pleural effusions, you must be very very careful about moving any fluid from his legs. What that will do is go to his abdomen and chest and create the real possibility of congestive heart failure from the fluid. I desperately could use MLD and compression garments, but have been absolutely adbosed against it because of the fluid in my lung cavities.

If the doctor should decide it is safe enough to do a little, I would do the hand method. You will need to do what is called lymph node stimulation first, then a limited amount of hand MLD. You should also go slow the first time to see how he responds to it and how it effects his breathing.

At the NLN coneference in Nashville a couple years ago, this one company had a marvelous arm garment that I decided to try. It was soooo comfortable and easy to put on. But within ten minutes, I was having breathing difficulties because of just the small amount of fluid it pushed into my chest.

Same thing when I tried the Flexitouch Device. It too was great and I give it a complete thumbs up, but after a short session I was really struggling because of the fluid.

So, do be careful and monitor him. I'm not sure how he would do with compression garments, but you could wrap his legs with compression (short-stretch) bandages. I can and do that everyday.

My very to best to you :!: :!:

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Re: Leg massages pump vs hand

Postby queenphoton » Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:32 am

Thanks so much, see I was worried about where all that fluid would go. I feel bad that nothing was ever done before and that his legs got so large.
He has been going every 3mths to get the fluid drain from around his lungs and really it seems to come right back. They have mentioned doing the surgeries that you have had done, but honestly at 84 not sure about that. I really like the drainage valve that you have, but then again, not sure what he thinks.
The Drs didn't seem to worry about his heart, but I can see where the stress might be too much. In fact his Dr from way back always treated him for CHF and that was the reason the new Dr never did this. But after seeing that is heart is stronger than they thought, now they feel he's okay for this therapy.
I do worry and feel that if anything goes bad, I would be guilty as heck with it. But he can hardly move around without huffing and puffing. It's awful to see this. Everything else medically with his is in great shape.
Thanks so much for your input.
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